The King is Gone – One Year Ago

We lost our King last year and it has been so hard ever since.  I feel as if I have to be the strong one while the someone see’s how weak I am.  I have to be strong for his rest of the family flaters.  I cannot talk nor even cry least Bride because after 60 years of marriage she is alone for the first time in her life. I will keep my promise to him by always watching over her.


While everyone else is able to mourn I do not even have the luxery of doing that.  Instead I say to myself “Daddy wants you to be strong for his bride.  He needs you now more then ever.”  That is how I get through it I guess.

The only thing I have realized through all of this is this: 

1) A widow needs someone to listen to her. Because she has a powerful need to be heared.

2) Someone who will not judge nor question her raging emotions. Because she will go through a whirlwind of emotions which will not make sense to some in the family. 

3) Someone who will say “Everything you are feeling, thinking is normal”  Because IT IS!  Even that anger is normal.

4) Someone who will make her feel a little less alone with each day that passes.

I am blessed to be able to do that for my Mother.  Someday when she is not here will be the day I get to mourn.  But for now I will be the rock because while I lost my father, she lost her King and only love.




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